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Clients are able to choose an approach that  works best to fit their needs through organic coaching or a specific coaching package. The duration of each session is  1 hour. Meetings are virtual via Zoom video call or can be in -person for clients that live in the Austin, Texas area. 

Organic coaching

This approach allows clients to start from scratch to identify goals and to work through obstacles. This is a great fit for anybody that is looking for a positive shift in life but is not exactly sure where to begin.  We'll start by taking a holistic look at areas of dissatisfaction in the client's life. Then we will create goals to effectively make changes that  tackle the obstacles preventing them from living their best life. Clients will gain a better understanding of their wants and needs, self awareness, and values so that they can envision and transform into the best version of themselves. 

Coaching Packages 

Coaching packages are designed to address some of the most common issues facing youth and young adults today over the course of a series of sessions. 

Honor ROlL ( Academic improvement)

Our Honor Roll package is designed to empower adolescents to reach their academic goals. Clients are guided to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and needs and then create a plan of action to achieve academic success.  The coach provides support, guidance, and accountability to ensure that each student feels confident with their academic demands.

What's NExt? (College and Career) 

Many adolescents struggle with making decisions about what to do after a chapter in life closes. Often times this is centered around a choice of college , career pathway, or career shift. The What's Next package helps clients figure out what they really want out of the next step in their educational and/or career path so they can take concrete actions to move in the direction of their ideal future.

WHo Am I ? ( Self Identity and Self-Efficacy)

 This is a question that comes up often as youth and young adults are trying to figure out their self identity in a world where they are bombarded with information overload and social pressures. This package focuses on helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their needs, wants, passions, values, and overall self concept, which research shows  is a cornerstone of happiness and success. 

Friends and Family (Relationships and SOcial-Life)

During adolescent development, friendships and social connection become increasingly important and family dynamics can shift as youth become more independent. Sometimes these relationships can be difficult to navigate and can feel overwhelming. This package focuses on helping clients determine what their wants/ needs are in their relationships with friends and/or family so that they can flourish in their social and family life.  

Tween Life (Geared towards Pre-Adolescence)

This package is designed to help the emerging teen (9-12 years old) develop important self-efficacy skills so that they can enter their teenage years equipped with tools to help manage the stressors of adolescence. Through the use of activities and organic coaching tools specifically geared towards this age group , clients are able to develop an understanding of what they need to thrive in life. 

Level-Up (Advancement in career/organization/club/ETC)

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or feel like we are ready for a bigger challenge in our life. In other words we are ready to "level-up." This package focuses on helping clients determine the next steps for advancing in career, school, an organization or any area of their life where they feel like they are ready to take on a larger role. We will work to uncover the obstacles to achieving this next step, create a plan of action, and a space for accountability to ensure that the client is, indeed, on a path to leveling up. 

Heart of A Champion 

Have you spent years becoming great at something, but lost the enthusiasm you once had? Many children and adolescents dedicate their time to becoming great athletes, dancers, musicians, etc. What starts as a passion can sometimes become a source of pressure and negative feelings as expectations increase. This package helps clients reconnect with the love for their craft by examining the source of negativity and developing an understanding of what is  needed to reignite the spark. 


  • 20 Minute consultation- Free
  • 1 Hour Session-$85
    *Pre-Pay for 10 sessions receive 1 session Free of Cost 
  • 30 minute Focus session - $45 
  • A limited number of sliding scale bookings are available

Book A Service

  • Learn more about coaching and how it can help you or your child

    20 min

  • Start from the beginning to determine what you need to thrive

    1 hr

    85 US dollars
  • Pick a specific focus and start your journey to thriving

    1 hr

    85 US dollars
  • For the client who knows exactly what they want to work on

    30 min

    45 US dollars
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